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Scotty Moncrief

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07/14/17 10:58 AM #1    

Melissa Skiles (McInnis)

Scotty Moncrief.  I remember her sweet smile and expressions.  I saw her at the FW downtown library a few days before the accident.  We had a nice chat, but kept it short and quiet since we were in the library!  Although we were in the same Charity Club I didn't know her well, but wish I had. 

She was a beautiful person.


Mike Malone and Mike Smith didn't have cheerleader practice (or we quit early) the night of the accident because we were working on our individual home room homecoming decorations; details may not be exact.  It was a sad and overwhelming time for all of us.  I miss them (Mike Smith, Mike Malone and Scotty Moncrief) to this day.  


Melissa Skiles McInnis '68 and spouse, John McInnis '68

06/23/18 12:06 PM #2    

Ed Haddaway

Highschool was not a place I particularly wanted to be. I was painfully shy and just the thought of talking to girls was formidable at best. 


In what must have been our Junior year Scotty Moncrief sat next to me in Mrs Skupaka's biology class.

I didnt know it but my grandfather had once had business dealings with her grandfather.

Much to my dismay Scotty was friendly...she talked to me and laughed at my jokes.


One day Mrs Skupaka held up a drawing I had done of frog anatomy or something and told the class that we all needed to do a better job of showing the nature of things in our drawings. She said that she didnt think I would ever be an artist but that I could still do a better job. 

A number of people in the class started laughing because I had been singled out in elementarty school as having art talent. Scotty began teasing me about being an artist.


I did go on to pursue the arts and years later when I was on a grant from the NEA I met Mrs Skupaka again . She was working for the Albuquerque school district and I told her the story. Also years later one of the Moncriefs bought a sculpture of mine.


After my junior year I never talked to Scotty again, but talking to her in that class remains a very special memory to me. 

It reminds me of those formative years and learning to communicate with the opposite sex


Of course in our senior year, Scotty, Mike Smith, and Mike Malone, who was in cub scouts with me, died in a car wreck a few streets over from where I lived. I was on my motorcycle. I heard the ambulances and rode over to the street where the wreck had just happened.

In my mind those events encapsulated the fragility of life as we headed out the Arlington Heights High School door.

06/24/18 12:35 PM #3    

Nancy Price (Alloway)

I have such wonderful memories of my high school years, but when I think about that awful accident and losing 3 of our classmates/friends I think that was the night I grew up. I don't recall being to any funerals prior and attending the 1st two was almost too much and then when Mike lost his battle and there was the third death, I think it was almost more surreal than real. I sometimes think of those gray days when I hear of awful things happening in high school. 

I am so surprised to see how many classmates have died. For all those family members, friends and loved ones one I send my condolences. 67/68 seemed so old when we were teenagers, but now it doesn't seem all that old.

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